We are the renewable materials company 

Report your concern

Speak up: how to report your concern

If you see behaviour that does not seem right, always make sure to speak up. Try to follow the below order when reporting. 
  • Your managerWhenever possible, your manager should be your primary reporting contact.
  • Your local Human Resources (HR) If needed, you can contact Group HR.
  • Head of Ethics and Compliance
  • Speak Up Hotline Reports to our hotline can be made online, by e-mail, or by telephone.

For questions, contact
Ethics and Compliance

We choose a renewable future

Trees, our main raw material, grow back – they are renewable. At a time when recyclability is no longer enough, renewability is what sets us apart. Our wood-based products also store carbon, helping to combat global warming, and many of them are biodegradable. This puts us at the heart of the bioeconomy.

We are on a journey to replace plastics and other non-renewable materials. We believe that everything that is made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow.

We are driven by values

Stora Enso is proudly driven by its purpose and values. Our Purpose is Do good for people and the planet. Replace non-renewable materials with renewable products. The purpose highlights our belief that Stora Enso can contribute to a greener planet.

With our Values – Lead and Do What’s Right – we endeavor to set the example in all aspects of our business as well as sustainability. We constantly ask ourselves: what more can we do, what can we do better? Following laws and rules is only the beginning – it is our values that drive our behaviour.

To live up to our values, we speak up when we have concerns, we listen to others’ concerns, and we ask when in doubt.

We are committed to sustainability

For Stora Enso, sustainability is about realising concrete actions that will help us fulfil our Purpose: “Do good for people and the planet. Replace non-renewable materials with renewable products.” This means considering and optimising trade-offs between the social, environmental, and economic impacts of all our operations.

Stora Enso’s Sustainability goal is to provide our customers with 100% regenerative solutions by 2050. Our regenerative solutions are circular and have positive impacts on both climate and biodiversity, and herewith contribute to sustaining life within the planetary boundaries. We will deliver on these solutions through a strong focus on our product innovation processes and through collaboration with partners across value chains to help drive the needed system change. Our strong focus on environmentally and socially responsible business practices is driven by our values and will support us delivering on our 2050 goal.