We lead with our values

Report your concern

Speak up: how to report your concern

If you see behaviour that does not seem right, always make sure to speak up. Try to follow the below order when reporting. 
  • Your managerWhenever possible, your manager should be your primary reporting contact.
  • Your local Human Resources (HR) If needed, you can contact Group HR.
  • Head of Ethics and Compliance
  • Speak Up Hotline Reports to our hotline can be made online, by e-mail, or by telephone.

For questions, contact
Ethics and Compliance

We honour our Code

The Stora Enso Code is a single set of values for all our employees, a guideline that explains our approach to ethical business practices, human and labour rights, as well as environmental values. These values guide our work and are applied wherever we operate.

  1. Comply with laws and regulations
  2. Make the right, ethical decisions in your daily work
  3. Live by Stora Enso’s values and safeguard our reputation
  4. Know where to go for support and guidance when you need it
  5. Report on behaviour and actions you are concerned about.
  1. Limit your right as an employee to speak publicly about matters of public concern
  2. Attempt to streamline the thinking of all our employees – we promote diversity of thought
  3. Have all the answers – when in doubt, ask before you act!

We make the right decisions

Can I pay for a customer’s dinner? Could I hire my brother? Should I tell someone about the unsafe behaviour I saw? We face such questions in our work every day. At Stora Enso, complying with the law is only the beginning – doing what’s right requires us to look deeper and to consider if what we are doing or witnessing is ethical. In addition to adhering to laws and regulations, we should always use our moral compass and company values to guide us in making the right decisions.

Ask yourself these questions when deciding what to do:

  • Is it legal?
  • Is it consistent with our Code and our policies?
  • Is it consistent with our purpose and values?
  • Is it ethical?
  • Would I be comfortable if my actions were made public?

We speak up and we listen

A culture of openness and honesty is key to making us successful in the long run. Living up to our values is not only about complying with rules – being value-driven also gives us a competitive advantage at a time when customer and employee interest for business ethics is growing. Reporting on concerns helps us address challenges before they develop into bigger problems and fix issues that have already surfaced. It also helps us build trust not just within Stora Enso but also with our external stakeholders.

Question behaviour or actions that do not seem right and speak up. Whenever you think a colleague or business partner may be violating the values presented in this Code, it is your responsibility to report it. All reported cases are investigated by Stora Enso’s Ethics and Compliance team – and we make sure not to take action against anyone accused of wrongdoing before the accusation has been thoroughly reviewed. Any findings are recorded, reviewed, and reported both to our Ethics and Compliance Management Committee and our Board of Directors. Proven cases of non-compliance with the Stora Enso Code, like taking or giving bribes, will lead to various actions such as disciplinary action, changes in our processes, and even legal action. Disciplinary measures will always be fair and consistent.

You should always feel safe and comfortable speaking up – which is why Stora Enso will protect anyone who raises an honest concern. We do not tolerate any retaliation against a person who in good faith reports misconduct. You do not need to know all the facts, you only have to believe that the information you are providing is true. However, it is not acceptable to knowingly make false accusations, lie to investigators, or interfere with an investigation.

To enable a culture of speaking up, we also need to listen up. All concerns and different views, even dissenting ones, should be welcomed, heard, and addressed by the employee’s manager. Managers must make their employees feel that they are listened to and that their opinions matter, even if the topic is difficult to talk about. Managers also have the responsibility to forward serious complaints to the Ethics and Compliance team for further investigation and actions.

If you hear comments like these, you may be witnessing a violation of the Stora Enso Code and should contact your manager or the Ethics and Compliance team for advice:

”Wake up – this is business. Everyone is doing this.”
”I’m sure you’re right, but at the moment we cannot afford to be totally ethical.”
”This is a different culture. In this country, this is the way we do business.”